Data is used by businesses of all kinds to gather information and use it to make decisions. This could be data about customers, business performance, website use, or other factors. Gathering information helps to build a wider picture of how an area of the business is performing, enabling strategic decisions to be made to improve it. Let’s take a look at six data collection methods and explore how the data is collected to enable evaluation.

1. Web scraping

Web scraping is the process whereby data is extracted from a website and used to gain insights. This can be done manually, such as by a person looking for specific information and collating it, or by web scraping software.

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2. Focus groups

Companies may ask specific groups of people to evaluate a new product or provide feedback on their services. These focus groups provide useful information from a customer point of view, allowing companies to refine their offerings based on the information they collect.

3. Case studies

A case study involves looking at specific examples, studying them, and collecting data that can be useful for a required application. According to Britannica, understanding real-life experiences can help businesses see the factors at work in context.

4. Records

Going through business records and documents is an effective way to complete historical research, which can be analysed to improve strategies and operations.

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  1. InterviewsWhether interviewing customers, associates, or employees, conducting interviews gives researchers first-hand information based on genuine experiences. This is a valuable way to gain insight into a specific area or problem.

    6. Use a data collection company

    Data collection companies, such as, specialise in gathering and organising information. Using a data collection company can be beneficial for businesses, as the company will have the expertise and tools in place to get the job done. This will save businesses time and money.

    Without studying data, businesses will be unable to see how their customers use their products and services. As ways of gathering information become more sophisticated, businesses can gain even deeper insights.

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