The Problems Caused by Heavy Rain


Bad weather is common at this time of the year and over recent weeks we have had a lot of it! With one storm after another bringing rain to the UK, here are some of the problems and things to be aware of when a period of heavy rain arrives….

Driving – Heavy rain and flooding cause big problems for motorists. Not only does heavy rain make visibility poor when driving, but it can also leave areas of flooding on the roads. When driving after spells of rain it is important to be on the lookout for flooded roads, and to be careful when driving through water. The best thing to do is to avoid driving through it as even a relatively small amount of water can cause problems and leave the engine hydro locked if water gets into it.

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Drains – Flooding puts a lot of pressure on drains, which can become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of water that is passing through them all in one go. If your area has recently been flooded, or even had a lot of heavy rain, it is a good idea to make sure that your drains have not been damaged or become blocked with debris. Get a professional like this drain jetting Reading based company to come and check it for you.


Flooding in the Home – One of the most devastating consequences of lots of heavy rainfall, and one that we have seen a lot on the new reports in recent weeks is the flooding that can make its way into people’s homes.

When this happens, it makes the home a health hazard, as having lots of dirty water swirl around can bring diseases, and also means that there will be a lot of cleaning up to be done once the waters recede.

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Garden Flooding – Another problem that heavy rainfall can cause is that it can damage the garden. Yes, plants do like water, but in vast quantities it can swamp plants and cause them to die. When very heavy rain is forecast, many gardeners like to move plants to a safe place such as inside a greenhouse if possible or use protective covers to prevent too much water from getting to the plants. If you live in an area prone to flooding, it is useful to know how to protect the garden from flooding as this can help you to keep your garden plants healthy and safe.


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