What does a CCTV drain survey involve?


CCTV drainage surveys make it as simple as possible to see and diagnose drain issues and ensure problems are dealt with promptly and effectively.
What are CCTV drainage surveys?

CCTV drainage surveys Alcester specialists and those elsewhere in the country can identify drain issues deep within the system with the help of high-tech cameras. They can be used to help sort out emergency situations and to identify the likes of leaks, cracks and blockages before problems worsen.

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Services from companies such as https://www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/drainage-services-cctv-surveys-midlands/cctv-drain-surveys/cctv-drain-surveys-alcester/ can be extremely important in many situations, including when dealing with persistent issues, renting out properties, or before making a property purchase.

A CCTV drain survey can help you to ensure you are complying with your obligations if you are a landlord or a build manager. You can read more about landlords’ responsibilities regarding drains on the National Residential Landlords Association website.

Understanding the process

Waterproof cameras are used to detect the likes of pipe collapses, leaks, blockages, damage, and tree root ingress. CCTV drainage surveys specialists then compile reports that can be used to highlight the issue and have it rectified. These reports can be useful when leasing or supporting a sale or in disputes, such as proving that damage was caused by someone renting a property. CCTV surveys can also identify scale build-up and animal infestation.

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Cost of CCTV drain surveys

The cost of CCTV drainage surveys will vary according to the company you choose and the specifications of your property. All properties are different, and the cost of a survey will vary according to the presentation of your build. Whatever the cost, it can often be offset by the money that can be saved by preventing more serious issues from occurring.

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