All the emotions that we have to face during the daily work and the daily tasks that we must perform are sometimes too many, which causes us stress, anxiety and great fatigue -mainly mental-, this is due to the effort we have to do to remember all and each of the entrusted tasks. In addition, knowing that we have to comply with all of them, worries us when we believe that time will not reach us.

How to combat mental fatigue

We share with you the following recommendations, which will allow you to control and overcome the heavy and annoying mental fatigue.

Causes of mental fatigue

We all understand what is the physical exhaustion, the feeling of not being able to do anything else after a great physical effort, however, mental fatigue is much more difficult to understand. We all know the cause of physical fatigue, but what causes mental exhaustion. Here we explain its main causes :

  • Work for too many hours.
  • Do not rest properly.
  • Alterations in the workplace, whether bad postures, poor light or poor ventilation.
  • Alterations indigestion.
  • Emotional problems.
  • Bad nutrition.

Now that we know what it is that causes us to have a heavy mind we can improve the treatment, if we know what is wrong we can fix it.

Food: remedy for mental fatigue

When it comes to combating and preventing mental fatigue, good nutrition is essential. A bad diet will make our body in general, and our body in particular, not receive enough energy to solve all their daily needs, making us feel exhausted.

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Although it seems surprising, the brain needs an immense amount of energy to be able to function, in fact, it is the organ that most needs, spending 20% of the total energy of the body.

But, what do we understand by a good diet? For example, something essential in your day to day should be breakfast, even when you are not hungry. A glass of orange juice, cereals like oats and fruits can bring you that extra energy you need at the beginning of the day. Another important point is not to spend many hours without eating anything, in fact, you should snack every 2 or 3 hours; a piece of fruit or a handful of hazelnuts, to keep your metabolism active throughout the day.

At lunchtime, you should forget about red meats and focus your meals around blue fish -such as salmon or tuna-, whole grain rice or pasta, vegetables, fruits, and lean meats.

Another very important aspect is that of hydration, not only must you eat the necessary, but you must also give your brain the amount of water needed.

Sport against mental fatigue

Although it seems an incongruity is not, when we perform physical activities, our brain secretes serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, hormones that activate us and keep us clear for much longer, preventing mental fatigue.

The idea is to play sports every day for an hour, it is not necessary to prepare for a marathon or be exhausted, simply activate the body so that it activates the mind, for example, taking walks in the mornings.

Rest correctly

Although it seems obvious, there are many people who still do not take into account that, just as the body needs to rest, the mind also needs to sleep in order to recover its energy. In fact, more than corporal, the dream is a mental necessity, a process by means of which our brain orders the experiences and memories of the previous day, helping to the memory and the mental activity.

So, sleep between 7 and 8 hours should be something essential if we want to avoid fatigue, both physical and mental, and wake up every day with enough energy to get strong at night.

Break during work

Often, working more hours does not indicate working more and spending a lot of time in front of the computer does not indicate more productivity. To work properly and not feel mental fatigue is necessary to rest properly and take small breaks to rest the mind and be able to perform better. It does not matter if you just walk a little or make a conversation with your partner, clearing your head of what you are focused on will help you release tension, relieve fatigue and, finally, work better.

In the same way, the environment in which you develop your work activity is important. Being uncomfortable in one place only has negative repercussions that will not only affect your final results but may also affect your health. Maintain good posture in front of the computer, with adequate light and, very important, smoke-free and with good oxygen quality. The latter is often overlooked without taking into account that without good oxygenation tiredness appears much earlier.

Natural treatment for mental fatigue

Many times we are not aware of the great power that our mind has, not only about our thoughts and emotions but also about our body and sensations. When we have negative thoughts our mind becomes negative, causing mood lows that affect our body. Not only does fatigue and fatigue appear, but it also lowers the defenses making it easier to get sick.

Only by trying to face life with optimism and moving away from bad thoughts can we achieve very important changes, among other things, to combat mental fatigue. If you have ever played a sport you will know that when you are winning or you are having a good time you do not notice fatigue, on the contrary, if you lose or you are having more, fatigue takes over; This is a demonstration of the power of the mind, of what a correct motivation can achieve.

Said well sounds very easy and the reality is that it requires effort, however, there are small tricks that you can use in your day to day to overcome mental fatigue and feel in top shape:

Dedicate time to yourself every day: read, go for a walk, go to the movies, do something that you like.

Solve every day a problem. Normally what we are worried about is a sum of small problems, so if you dedicate yourself to one of them every day, in the end, you will feel at peace.

Eat better, making all meals and eating a balanced diet.

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