How to Overcome Aviophobia? The Fear of Flying Turbulence


Treatment of your anxiety about flying can take several steps. Knowing the facts about the flight is a starting point. The odds of dying in an air transport accident are one in 20,000. However, despite the low risk of death associated with travel in the plane, up to 25 million Americans experience some fear of flying, whether under anxiety or aviophobia, an intense fear of flying. In this article, we will present a solution to overcome aviophobia.

How to overcome aviophobia?

The fear of flying is common to them who have height phobia. Follow the instructions to overcome the fear of flying.

Go to the root of your fear of flying. Be it claustrophobia, lack of control, or fear of dying during air travel, knowing exactly what triggers your anxiety and fear is the first step towards overcoming it.

Find out how airplanes work and statistics related to safe air transport. Do research on websites that has a page called “Basic Principles of Aircraft Flight” with facts to help calm fears about the plane falling from the sky and turbulence.

Start with something small. Book a one-way flight less than an hour-long. It can be driven back home instead of flying. Treat this as a “test flight” so you can familiarize yourself with air travel before booking a long flight or a transcontinental flight to another country.

Reserve an aisle seat. This can help you feel less claustrophobic and allow you to move easier during the flight. It can also be useful not to be sitting next to the window if you are afraid of heights.

Become familiar with the appearance of the cockpit and ask to meet the pilots or crew members of your flight. Knowing what to expect when you get on the plane and talking with employees can help you feel more relaxed and well informed.

Treat the symptoms of your fear of flying, taking deep breaths, and getting your mind off your anxiety. Read a book or listen to music during flight takeoff and landing, which for many people the most stressful parts of a flight.

Get a prescription for anxiety medication or sleeping pills. Refrain from drinking alcohol while using these medications.

Get professional advice. Consult a doctor or counselor for a further thorough treatment of your fear of flying if your anxiety feels uncontrollable.

Control your aviophobia by following these simple tips.

1. Do not try to hide your anxiety. Tell the hostesses and airline staff, so they are attentive.

2. When making your check-in, take a seat as close to the cockpit as the turbulence feels less in the front of the plane.

3. Turbulence during the flight is normal. They are like tripping by car.

4. Keep your mind busy: watch a movie, read a book or magazine, play Candy Crush, or any other distraction.

5. Listen to music that relaxes you.

6. Do not consume caffeine before flying as it will increase your level of anxiety.

7. Don’t ever see all the plane crashes of the last 10 years before traveling …

8. Breathe. Everything will be fine.

Tips and warnings

Avoid airplane disaster movies and news regarding air disasters in the days and weeks prior to your flight. Remember that the thousands of flights that land safely every day do not make the news.
Refraining from sitting in the emergency exit corridor, being in charge of opening the emergency exit can increase your anxiety about flying.


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