How to read your cats feelings

Going on a holiday and Leaving your home you may of just bought from a building survey Watford company like Sam Conveyancing to then leave behind your beloved feline friend behind in a Cattery such can make even the most laid back of people worry. But there are a number of ways that you can tell, when you return, whether you cat is happy or not and as unfortunately we are unable to speak ‘cat’ the only way you can do this is to learn you cats body language and vocalisations. Now each cat is individual much like we are as humans and each will have their own little personalities but there are some common areas that would indicate a level of happiness in your furry friend.

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Playing – one of the best ways to see of you cat is happy is to observe whether they play. Now you might think that playing is only for kittens and young cats, but all felines enjoy an element of play. In order to play with a human or another cat they have to have a degree of trust for that person. I thought my two cats were just plan crazy when they started darting around the house at two o’clock in the morning calling to each other and chasing each other but it is in fact a sign of extreme happiness and playful behaviour (even if it can be a tad annoying at such an early hour!).

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Sleeping – now this one that you need to be careful with as sleeping a lot can also be a sign of depression in cats, as it can be in humans. But where they sleep will help to give you an indication of their feelings. A cat that choses to snuggle up to another cat in the household or even to join you by sleeping on your lap during the day or perhaps snuggling up at the bottom of your bed at night is a very happy cat indeed.

Eating – a cat with a fully tummy is a happy cat and they also know how to wrap their owners around their little claws as you will often find a cat meowing and rubbing themselves around your legs whilst walking towards their food bowl or the cupboard where your store the food in a bid to get you to feed them some more. If you have more than one cat in your family you should make sure that they are able to eat form separate bowls if they wish as sharing food too close to one another (even if they are siblings) can cause some tension between them.

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