Unlocking Your Potential: How a Competition Holster Can Improve Your Shooting Skills


There’s no way to get into competitive shooting without having the right gear. That includes a holster that is both secure and comfortable to wear.

A fast draw time is a huge advantage for those participating in IDPA or other handgun shooting competitions. It’s also an essential skill in self-defense situations.

Improved Accuracy

For competition shooting, it’s critical to have a holster that protects your gun from accidental discharges and allows for quickdraws. A quality holster will have secure belt clips and loops that won’t catch on clothing or shift around during movement. Bringing plenty of ammo for your competition is also a good idea.

Kydex is a thermoplastic material heat-molded around a specific firearm model, creating a custom fit. This helps prevent the holster from catching on the trigger or the trigger guard, which can cause an accidental discharge.

In a competition, it’s essential to have fast draws that allow you to shoot your pistol accurately as quickly as possible. A holster designed for competition shooting will accommodate this need by providing passive retention, ride height adjustment, and cant angle adjustability. It will also be easy to carry your pistol in various positions, including seated or prone.

Faster Draw Times

A fast draw is one of the keys to competing in IDPA or USPSA. A sub-second draw time is obtainable by most shooters; it simply requires consistent efficiency of motion.

Desantis holsters are essential equipment to help you reach your speed goal. A competition holster is typically skeletonized, worn on the firm side outside the waistband, and allows you to present your gun with your support hand while your dominant eye looks at the target.

To help you achieve a faster draw, consider purchasing a competition holster with a cant adjustment feature. This allows you to adjust the ride height and cant angle quickly, allowing you to practice your draws from different positions like standing, sitting, or prone. 


The right holster can make all the difference in a competition. A good one is made from materials that won’t break down or wear out over time, ideally providing enough retention to prevent accidental trigger manipulation.

You also want a holster that fits your pistol well and can easily adjust to the preferred ride height and carry angle. A good test is to holster your gun in the holster without mounting it to your body and give it a few shakes. If it comes loose, the holster must be tight enough for competition.

It should also fit your gun’s trigger guard and have a low-cut front for a fast draw and easy presentation. 


Having a quality holster is essential when competing in IDPA (Individual Defensive Pistol Association) or any other competitive shooting sport. This will ensure your handgun can be drawn quickly and accurately. It will also protect your gun.

When choosing a competition holster, look for one that can be worn on the solid side outside of your waistband and allows for quick presentation of your firearm to the target. 

Some competition holsters can be adjusted for ride height and cant angle, making them ideal for all shooting positions. This feature can help you find the perfect position to shoot from, such as standing or prone, allowing you to practice for your next match. You can even use a holster to adjust for different positions while practicing for your next event. This is a great way to test your skills and improve your accuracy.

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