What should a first aid needs assessment cover?


Business owners are required to ensure that all health and safety matters are dealt with appropriately and that they are fully documented.
The Health and Safety Executive sets out specific requirements when it comes to ensuring that all health and safety measures are met within the workplace. A key aspect of this is to make sure that emergency first aid is available in an appropriate way.

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What is a first aid needs assessment?

A first aid needs assessment looks at the overall position of the workplace and ensures that the first aid provision is both adequate and appropriate. The assessment should look at the type of work being undertaken, the types of hazards in the workplace, the nature and size of the workforce, working patterns and any other issues such as lone workers or travel arrangements.

Such assessments can then identify training needs which can be met by an accredited provider such as https://www.tidaltraining.co.uk/emergency-first-aid-training-courses. These organisations can also help with the assessment process if required.

What is the outcome of a first aid needs assessment?

Once a first aid needs assessment has been undertaken, it is likely that at least some of the staff present will need to complete emergency first aid training courses. The number of staff that will undertake this training will depend on the factors that are contained in the assessment.

It is important to ensure that the assessment accurately reflects the workplace. For example, it is no use having several staff attend emergency first aid training courses if they all work remotely.

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These first aid needs assessments should be undertaken regularly to ensure that there have been no changes to staff or working practices that require the assessment to be amended. Records should be kept!

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