Improving your Business Waste Management


Waste is something that is inevitably produced by all businesses both large and small. No matter what you do, your business will be producing waste.

Getting rid of your waste both responsibly and with an awareness of the environment and the impact that you have on it is important, so here are some of the things that you can do if you want to reduce the waste that you are producing, reduce what is being sent to landfill and also to help you save money as a business…

Checking what waste you are producing on a regular basis is the best way to start improving your waste management. A waste audit can be done by you, or you can get a professional like this Birmingham recycling and waste management company to help you with this.

You might be surprised by how much you are throwing away, and by how much of that could be recycled instead of being sent to landfill.

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If you have any hazardous waste, you must ensure that this is disposed of correctly and responsibly. There are various types of waste that are classed as hazardous, from fluorescent tubes that are used in lighting, to batteries, to various chemicals, from paint to weedkiller. These need to be separated from other waste streams, as they can be dangerous to people and to the environment. If you are unsure if something is hazardous, you can check with the environment agency.

There are likely ways that you can reduce what you are sending to landfill, and to recycle more. After you have conducted a waste audit, you will be able to see what you are currently disposing of and identify where changes can be made. For example, you might want to switch to a recyclable type of packaging, or if you get rid of electronics, look for ways that these can be refurbished and recycled.

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Getting all of the staff involved is essential, as they need to be aware of changes to the waste disposal procedures and the part that they need to play in it. Getting a recycling team together can really help to encourage staff to engage with recycling and training all of the staff on the correct way to do things will ensure that it is done properly.

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