Moving House when you Retire – Things to Think About Before you Move


When you retire, there are lots of changes that you may want to make and lots of big decisions to make in your life, in order to get the most from your retirement. This might be where you are going to holiday, how you are going to spend your time, and how you are going to manage your money to make it work well for you throughout retirement.

Another big decision that many people make when they are approaching retirement, or have just retired, is whether to move house, and then of course where to move to. For some people they have a clear idea of why and where they might move – they might want to live in an area that has always appealed to them. Like near a favourite city or by the coast, or they might want to be closer to family, now that they don’t have the restraints of work to consider.

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Moving house and making the decision about where to move to is a big decision at any life stage but making this decision when you get to retirement is something that can feel more poignant. As well as being the right home for you now, things that also need to be taken into consideration in the future are health issues and mobility, and how your home can be the right one for you as you get older.

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When choosing the right home for your retirement, many people also like to downsize – this is not only a good way to have a little more money for retirement by selling a larger home and moving to somewhere smaller, but it also means you won’t be paying to heat a home that you don’t use all the rooms in anymore.

Being in a property that also offers a sense of community is also something that many people look for when they retire – properties like these park homes for sale in Gloucestershire offer this sort of lifestyle, as they will be areas that are specifically built for retirees, so if you want to make some new friends and also be somewhere where you won’t feel isolated, it could be a great choice for your retirement.

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