How to protect your home from vandalism

  1. Stay visible

Your home may seem safer if it is hidden behind a high wall or fence, but as it cannot be viewed by the road, this can make it a target for people who don’t want to be seen.

Make sure that your neighbours can see you easily by keeping fences and walls to a maximum of one metre in height. This will prevent intruders from hiding. For new Fencing Cheltenham, go to

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Smart lighting can help to prevent theft. Low-lying, white lights from twilight until dawn, especially in areas vulnerable and with low visibility are recommended, such as on the side or back of the home. The lamp should be placed at least three metres above the ground and protected by an anti-destructive covering.

  1. Create a boundary

This will mark your territory and any person who enters without permission is not welcome.

This can be done in many ways. For example, you could use low fences or walls, small flowers, or small bushes. Avoid large stones or rocks because vandals can use them.

  1. Protect your property

Protect vulnerable areas, such as the ground-floor window, with a metre-high sharp bush. These can be used as nature’s version of barbed-wire, providing protection and also looking great.

Security film is an opaque or clear cover that sticks to windows, making it harder to break the glass.

Anti-graffiti paints can be used to prevent paint from adhering to walls.

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  1. Make it difficult for them

It is not enough to lock the doors and windows, or even outhouses.

If you have a flat surface that can be occupied by anyone, such as a low wall or ledge, make sure it is not “bottom-friendly”. Planters with thorny vegetation, for example, look great but can be dangerous to anyone just loitering around or an uninvited guest. You can also tighten your side and rear boundaries with a lightweight, two-metre fence with slats. It also creates a lot of noise if anyone tries to get through it.

  1. Keep it tidy

Garbage attracts more garbage. Some people will not hesitate to add more garbage or simply hang around a property that is in a mess.

When your property is clean and tidy, you send a message that it’s well-maintained and in order. We recommend that you do not leave anything lying around, such as garbage, ladders, rubbish bags, tools or other items which could be used to rob or destroy.

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