There are many reasons you may feel stuck in a job that isn’t right for you. You may fear giving up the securing of a position you know well that pays your bills. You may not know what you would rather do. These factors don’t mean you have to remain stuck, though. Create an action plan that will get you to the next step in your career.

Enlist the Help of Others

You can analyze your situation, your strengths and your wildest dreams all you want and still be left with no idea how to proceed. Hire a life coach Berthoud CO, to help guide your process. Coaches assist with the analysis, of course, but you may find that the most helpful aspect of their services is that they help keep you on track. When you’re trying to make a major life change on your own, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or distracted. A coach keeps you focused.

Try New Things

No matter how much you think you would be interested in a certain type of job, you don’t really know until you give it a try. That doesn’t mean you need to quit your job immediately and take a part-time job at a bookstore to see if you want to become a librarian. You may consider, however, taking a continuing education course to learn more about a career. You can learn more from a course on copy editing than just how to do the work. You can figure out quickly if it’s something you like to do.

Meet New People

You may have heard that it’s not what you know but whom you know. This adage is especially important when you’re wanting to make a career change. Talk to people who do the things you may be interested in. You not only gather helpful information but make important connections.

If you don’t like the job you have now, you are not obligated to stay there. These tips can help you find meaningful work that fits better with your life goals.


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