How to find true happiness? Follow the 7 steps


In the search for our personal self-realization and personal development, we will constantly find ideas that aim to help us define our dreams and goals clearly and concisely. Today I would like to share 7 steps on how to find true happiness. 

One of those tools consists of making visualizations through a manifestation board, or simply writing what we want.

How to find true happiness?

The problem with this approach is that usually the “gurus” of the subject always tend to give us a somewhat individualistic view of the subject.

Okay, I understand that each and every one of us is responsible for our happy married life. No one else can influence it as such in such a way that we are the ones who forge a better future from the present.

But this does not mean that in the pursuit of our dreams we can not make ourselves happy and make others happy. With love, our levels of happiness can increase incredibly taking into account all possible forms of love in our life.

1. Living Consciously

Happiness is something that you choose. We can decide whether to be happy, that simple. Every morning look in the mirror and say: “Today I am very happy. This is a good day”. Take a great responsibility every day to convince yourself that you are and will continue to be happy.

Really our subconscious mind learns from repetition, just as it has learned lots of other things in the past through habits. Make happiness a part of your life habits. Commit yourself to be happy.

2. Practice Self-acceptance

Value the fact that you are unique and unrepeatable. Appreciate your talents and the potential that lies within you. Understand that with people like you we can change the world. Understand that you are part of a select group that has survived lots of catastrophes through the ages as a species. It finally after fighting against all probability, you are here today, alive. Accept yourself, love yourself and commit to improving.

3. Spending Quality Time

As I mentioned at the beginning, our happiness cannot be an achievement. We want to reach alone. Eventually and as social beings, we will require the company and the affection of others.

Transmit love, affection and affection to the members of your family. Spend quality time with your friends, dedicate yourself to cultivating your social relationships and to improve more and more in terms of communication and contribution. And even though that would not be the goal, people would admire you for it.

4. Appreciate and appreciate

I constantly notice people who do not value what they have, what they are and what they have achieved. Being grateful and appreciating life during the day allows us to find meaning in everything we do.

Happiness is not an objective to which we should aim in the future. It is something that we achieve in the present and as it has been said before, it depends solely on us. Gratitude then, is a means to reach happiness, because it also routes us in a quite positive emotional state. Of course, your appreciations and thanks are sincere.

5. Stop Complaining

Stop complaining and let go of resentments is a great practice that in the long run can only improve your life. Practice forgiveness towards yourself. Do not blame anyone for your failures, stop thinking that it is because of others that you have not achieved what you want. It depends only on you.

When you understand that only you are the creator of your life, forgive yourself for your faults and do not blame others, you will be in a position where happiness will be part of what you can create day by day consciously.

6. Enjoy Life

Take the time it takes to enjoy doing what you love. Spending time with that special person. Have fun, play, watch, go out, distract, disperse, move!

Stop living such a sedentary life and focus on enjoying every moment you can now, then you will thank me.

Many get old thinking about everything they did not do because it just did not occur to them that they had a life to enjoy, and now it’s too late. Take advantage of!

7. Celebrate Your Life

Happy people celebrate their processes and their growth over time. Every time you reach a great achievement or you can boast of good merit, celebrate!

Learn to reward yourself for the good things you do and achieve, you will see how you will automatically be motivated to achieve better things and this will make you happier and more and more self-realizing.

Life is a great event. Participate in it fully. Research shows that people who interact more with others are happier than those who tend to isolate themselves. Remember that you have a valuable life ahead regardless of your age, start enjoying every moment from now, only you can do it for you.


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