How to lead a happy married life? 8 tips should follow


Couples know each other, there is the attraction, they go out. They fall in love and as a natural conclusion. They get married. Making this decision and don’t be sad. Remember that it is not the end of a path. A step in the story of a couple. Marriage solves nothing, it is not the proof of intense love in the couple nor does it ensure that two people will be together (or happy) for the rest of their lives. 

How to lead a happy married life?

Each relationship is a world, but there are a series of communication guidelines essential for a happy marriage. This can vary between one person and another, but these are some general guidelines:

1. Water the plant

Says the renowned psychiatrist Aaron T. Beck With love is not enough, marriage (happy) is a plant that should be watered daily to prevent it from wilting. It is the small details that make the difference in the coexistence of two. If you have children, do not focus only on them and leave your partner aside.

2. 1 + 1 = 2

Marriage is not about getting what you want all the time and submitting to the other at will. A couple is richer and happier the more their two members contribute to it.

3. More than the what, the how

This maxim applies to any area of ​​life. Having a left hand to raise thorny issues or know how to undertake discussions without tension is fundamental. Here are some tips: ask instead of accusing, it’s always better “are you paying attention to me?” that a “you never pay attention to me” or when you criticize something about your partner tries to talk about it as something he does, not as something he/she is.

4. Define your marriage

Often, in marriage, many things are taken for granted, and it is then when the surprises arrive … and the jugs of cold water. It is never a bad time to talk about how marriage is understood, especially because the perception of this relationship can vary in different vital states.

5. Run away from the warehouse

Letting go of things that bother you or hurt someone wait for them to change or stop bothering you is always a bad thing, but when you live with that someone is the worst possible idea. At the most unexpected moment, the war will break out and unnecessary hostility will occur. Do not compile reproaches.

6. Address the issues individually

Closely related to the previous point, when dealing with topics to be discussed, it is convenient to do it one at a time. That of taking advantage of the Pisuerga passing through Valladolid to rescue any other past issue is very damaging.

7. Think before you speak

Nobody said that absolute sincerity was a basis of marriage. Sometimes, it is better to think things over a thousand times before saying them and gauging the impact they may have. Before launching a dart it is advisable to be sure that it is not a passing feeling or an irrational impulse. Once launched, the damage will be done.

8. Life does not end in your partner

Marriage is not a 24-hour pharmacy you can go to cure or relieve your pain. Maybe for some conditions, turn to your friends or, even, to yourself.

Maintaining a lasting and happy marriage involves work on both sides, but it does not have to be complex. We give you some tips to achieve it. Plan things together, consult about your plans, do not assume that the other will or will not do the activity. Think and act not as a unit, but as a team.


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