How to break up with boyfriend who loves you?


How to break up with boyfriend who loves you? This is a question that many women ask themselves. How do I end up with my boyfriend, if he is very nice to me and I do not want to hurt him?

He is the best person you’ve ever met in your life. He is the most thoughtful, romantic and loving. He gets along very well with your family because they love him and even invite him to family gatherings. But there is a tremendous problem. You do not like it or want to continue with it.

How to break up with boyfriend who loves you?

At that moment you realize that all you want is for the earth to swallow you because you do not want to hurt it, but you want to end it with yes or yes. Well, then we’ll give you some tips on how to break up with boyfriend who loves you? As time goes by, has stopped liking and interest as a boyfriend. Because ending up with someone is not an easy task and even more so if you do not want to hurt them. So that you do not break your heart and end up hating you. We will give you the proper preparation after the breakup, the main tips, and the most appropriate advice.

1. You must be very clear about the reasons that led you to make this decision, so you can tell your partner and do not be left with the doubt of what he did wrong or what you did not like. Remember that you should not continue with that person no matter how much he loves you, because first, you are and your happiness. You must value yourself, and you have the right to love.

2. Find the best day to tell him that you do not want to continue with him. It can be any day, except:

– The day of his birthday.

– The day of your month or anniversary.

– At a family reunion.

– On an important date for him or you

– When he is sick

– When you have serious problems

This is very important because it will make him take it in a better way.

3. If you are looking to finish in the best way, then it is very important that you do face to face, face to face, and not by text messages, email, calls, messages, and so on. Since by itself a break is not pleasant, much less if you find out indirectly.

4. Do not let him persuade you by telling you that he loves you with all his soul or that you are the love of his life. Remember that you already have the decision made and for him to respect your decision, you must first respect it.

5. For nothing in the world say phrases like:

“You have to give us some time.”
“It’s not you; it’s Me.”
“I feel confused.”
“I need to clarify my ideas; I need to think about it.”

6. Imagine in your mind what will happen: Perceive that it is the moment you chose to tell him that you no longer want to be with him, remember what is the speech you are using, what are the likely answers he will give you and what is going on propose, surely replicate. You will think that you are acting a little calculating about the issue, but remember that it is a sensitive issue and you do not want to back down.

7. Being honest and direct is the best you can do in these cases. Express how you feel and what you think. This could lead you to that in the future you can resume the relationship, but no longer loving but friendship. Do not forget that the person in front of you now will be part of your past and despite all the mistakes that the two could have made, theirs was not in vain because it brought many teachings.

In the future you can resume the relationship, but no longer loving but friendship. Do not forget that the person in front of you now will be part of your past and despite all the mistakes that the two could have made, theirs was not in vain because it brought many teachings.

8. You must be very clear, direct and sincere. He is not the only or last man on the face of the earth. You also have to be honest and fair with yourself, if you no longer feel anything for him, then let him go free and let him find a girl who is really in love with him, someone who loves him. There will always be a solution to a problem of lovesickness; time will undoubtedly be an important factor.

9. If at any time your partner -well, your former partner- misbehaves, shows his rejection and disagreement with your decision, remember that it is because he is suffering a lot, because the news you have given him has affected and hurt. If this happens, do not fall into the same game. Do not you think of shouting or saying things that you did not want to say.

10. If the relationship you have is about sharing a home and possessions, the situation becomes even more complicated, because by living together, they share possessions and properties. Avoid disputes over things and do not try to leave them without anything. Keep in mind that it is best to go through this process as quickly as possible and try to reach a good agreement.

How do I realize that I do not want to continue with my boyfriend anymore?

Here are some tips for you to truly realize that you are tired of the relationship and do not want to continue with your boyfriend. Because you’re not going to make this decision just because you’re in a bad mood or things did not go as you wanted. First, you will have to calm down and analyze things very well.

1. You realize that when you tell him that you love him or that you love him is because of habit or because he asks for it. You no longer feel that same euphoria every time you told him you love him. Lately, you say it in a monotonous tone and even without desire. You feel a little forced because you do not want it like before.

2. Before when you projected yourself to the future, he was always in your imagination, but now it is not like that anymore, you do not want to make long-term plans when he is by your side. In you, there is no longer that commitment that you had before with him.

3. You realize even the smallest defect that he has, things that before you neither moved you nor bothered you in the least. When love is over, you are bothered by things as simple as the way you eat, the sounds you make when you sleep, the way you dress or your expressions when you talk. This is because you are no longer able to love him as he is.

4. You have become extremely jealous or have become 0% jealous. Remember that nothing in excess is good, but you always have to be balanced. If you get paranoid for any girl who has contact with your partner is a clear sign that you have lost trust in your partner and the relationship.

5. On the other hand, if it does not bother you at all that your partner maintains relationships or work with other girls, it is because you have lost interest in your partner.

6. You run away from him, you do not want to go out with him anymore, and you do not want to see him either. You have realized that unconsciously you have made many plans in your day to day and none of them is to see your lover. It is because you no longer feel the need to spend time with him, even a moment a day. It is clear that there is no time for him in your life.

7. Your relationship has become boring, without adventures or anything new. Habit!!

8. Before you told how your boyfriend was with you all the world, you felt very proud to have someone like him by your side and above all that has noticed you. Now if someone out there asks you if you have a partner, what you do is evade the answer and even say that you are single.

9. Before you only had eyes for him, no other man on the face of the earth catches your attention. But now it’s not like that; you exchange glances with the guys that cross you. You follow the game to guys who invite you to dance or drink something even if you know that nothing will happen.

10. You make love without desire and only because he asks you and you have to because he is your partner and they are in a relationship.

11. You feel remorse for everything you do. If you looked at a boy, if you flirted with someone if it does not bother you not to see your boyfriend, if you do not answer the calls, etc. That remorse is inevitable because you feel guilty for having stopped loving him.

12. You do not stop thinking about what your life would be like without it, what would you do if you did not have a boyfriend by your side, to which places you would go with friends or go alone. If you imagine a future alone or when you imagine yourself with it, you do not feel happy. It is clear that you do not want it anymore in your life.

What are the reasons to end my boyfriend?

Aggression: When in a relationship there is violence, whether it is oral, emotional or there is a physical aggression, it must be terminated immediately. Value yourself and love yourself. You do not deserve someone who treats you with violence.

Jealousy: Everything in excess is bad, do not forget it. If your boyfriend is jealous to the extreme, it is not good, this is an obvious sign of insecurity and distrust. Jealousy is not a sign of love, but an attitude that shows possession.

They depend on each other: If you feel that without him you can not live or be happy, or if he has told you that without you he will never be able to do anything. Because that is not right. Everyone must be independent in their personal lives. Dependence is not love.

Problems with alcohol: This occurs when someone ingests alcoholic beverages in excess and can not control it. This addiction can have fatal consequences such as aggression.

Control my partner: If your boyfriend forces you to do things that you do not want. He tells you that it is for your own good and he pressures you to pay attention to him. It means that he has enormous desires of control over you, he wants to drive you at his whim.

They are not friends: You can not sit down to talk about your day, how it was or what is happening to you, just as you would with any friend. If they can not share their lives first as friends, much less they will do so as lovers.

Psychological problems: A person with psychological problems is not able to lead a good relationship. These psychological problems can be: depression, anxiety, aggression, obsessions, and so on.

No matter how much you love your partner, you can not make her recover. We can love someone and therefore want them to recover, but from there to have a healthy relationship is another very different topic.

Selfishness: Selfishness will never allow love to develop normally.

They judge each other: You criticize yourself a lot, you do not approve or respect yourself. All this points out that there is no real love between the two.

Disagreement in the daily details: When you have a partner, the first thing you must learn is that you will have different customs to you. Maybe he likes to dance and not you. Maybe one likes to spend more time with friends than you. Both must respect their activities, without forbidding anything and both respecting course. If there are no agreements for each to carry out their activities either with friends or their hobbies, in the end it will be a great obstacle to continue the relationship.

Well, we hope that these tips will help you to know what decision to make (whether to continue with your partner or finish it). Stop being sad and go ahead. Remember that the most important thing is how you feel if you are happy and if you are in love, nobody can force you to be with someone you do not want. You deserve to love and be happy. If you liked our article, leave us a comment and tell us what decision you made, what you will do and how it went.

Many blessings and luck for all!


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