How to Move on After a Breakup?


Time indeed does miracles, but it must be helped by personal behaviour. The six moves strategies to get rid of an ex from our head. Give yourself time (but not too much). The only way to really get past the end of a romantic relationship is to give yourself time, to arrive at the day when the person who made us suffer will be gone forever not only from our life but also from our head.

How to move on after a breakup?

One day we will wake up, and we will realize that the person who seemed to be fixed in our thoughts up to the day before. In reality, there is no more.  We generally tend to overestimate the time really needed to feel better after a breakup. It is still possible to accelerate the recovery process from a broken heart, and in the following tabs, we explain how to move on after a breakup.

Don’t stalk on social media

It is not surprising that a study published in 2012 in the journal «Cyberpsychology» highlighted how people who run the ex-Facebook profiles are more likely to have negative feelings for the person in question. They are more likely to desire it and, less inclined to grow after breaking. And even if it is difficult to determine whether to look at the Facebook profile of an ex can be cause for anguish or something else. It is always better not to take risks and, therefore, to resist the impulse to “just give a little check” to see what has been done together ‘ex after the breakup.

Draw up a reasoned list

As Andrea Syrtash explains, a dating expert and author of “He’s Just Your Type: How to Find Love Where You Expect It”, never like after a break. You need to make a list of 5 things which must have a potential partner and 5 that, on the other hand, are absolutely not allowed. And one of the benefits of these two lists is sure to help the person realize that probably none of his ex had actually such characteristics. And then push it to start from this awareness to look for someone more suitable.

Don’t blame yourself too much

An article published in 2016 in the “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin” suggests that the ability to deal with a sentimental break is linked to the image one has of oneself. In our research, after a story, people showed more prolonged pain when the rupture worsened the way they saw themselves, making them doubt who they really were. Living it as an inevitable act caused by two individuals with qualities but not destined to be together, have passed the end of the story more easily.

Find a positive side

According to many studies, keeping a diary of one’s own emotions regarding the end of a love story can make people feel worse. But a study published in 2015 in the journal «Social and Personal Relationships» showed how to tell the break so that suffering becomes a positive experience, helping to overcome it. It should also be added, however, that the participants in the experiment felt less anguish after writing short stories “for redemption” for only four days. It is not clear how long the “saving” effect lasts.

Talk about the break

Putting the classic finger in the wound is always very bad, yet in this case, this advice is anything but a contradiction, and the confirmation comes from the research published in 2015 on the “Social Psychological and Personality Science”. The participants in the scientific study who had spent more time talking with researchers and completing surveys of the breakup they had. In fact, showed lower levels of anxiety than those who had instead dedicated a more limited period to the issue.

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