Why Love is a Waste of Time? Find Out the Reasons


An enigma for some, absolute nonsense for others, love is nothing but a rarity. Falling in love can be a specialized experience, but we’re not sure if it’s worth it. Because in its incomprehensible essence, love needs to go beyond mere passion and burning desires. For those who deny love, romances fleeing from people like us, we don’t understand everything about the madness that love sends. We believe that love is a waste of time.

But if you are among those who mark the joy that supposedly brings love, try to deny our perceptions and we will give you love. Otherwise, review your notions once more than we prepare to destroy your favorite indulgence as the most unworthy waste of time.

Why love is a waste of time?

Many of us don’t try to understand that love is a waste of time. Here, I will make clear all confusions.

You stay worried all day, all night

Be it annoying questions of ‘he loves me / doesn’t love me,’ or mundane everyday thoughts about whether he would be able to glimpse his crush, giving way to love is not easy. The charm that endures romance, it is challenging to be in love and not go completely crazy, professing the beauty of that thing called love.

But in exploring all the glory and enjoying pleasures in abundance, what occupies the center stage is a concern for love itself. So much so that even his existence becomes secondary to the search for the greatest happiness of romance.

There is * love * in your mind

Winning them with nothing sweet or playing clean bowling with random acts of cavalry sure is not bad action. But tending to nullify all other indispensable elements in the name of love is not only lame; It is silly too. How then can you not claim respect as a waste of time if all that prompts you to do is love, love and love all the time?

It is the heart that loves, while the mind is expected to retain its stability. But every time he dreams of the idea that romance is what drives life to fulfillment, he is ruining himself. When love is so intense that it tends to enter and pass over its head instead of simply deriving as a pure blessing from the heart, it loses vision in life.

You lose yourself

This is one of those manifestations of love that is as terrible as it sounds. From twinning with # couple goals to giving up his favorite dish because well, he can’t stand the smell of garlic even on bread, you stop doing things alone. More frightening, you also agree with that because you profess that it is love and everything is supposedly fair in love and war!

Well, if I need to be cheeky with all the souls in love, your love is nothing more than a dazzling waste of time. Why the hell would you so carelessly sacrifice your individuality when what you are is an individual in the first place? Why let another person dictate your likes and dislikes and take over all your social networks and your life as if you owe them something like millions of dollars? Cutting the slack should never go as far as this, especially when it suits the whims and fantasies of another person.

Love has you feeding on stress

Serious or not, it cannot be denied that romantic relationships are a different level of stress. To be or not to remain the strongest point of the dispute, even among happy couples. There are also cronies to make any logic dawn as impertinent as possible. Whether agreeing on the perfect age to settle down or arguing about quitting the job that requires you to move, seemingly simple events in life tend to bother you in a relationship.

From friendly solving the problems between his family and hers to treating them anyway, from wishing each of the cousins ​​of 12 a happy anniversary to planning surprises, love sometimes exhausts him with stress as not even life can do what. You may be lucky and better with love, but surely you will not be worse without wasting your time on it.

The distraction is real!

Obsessed about having your girlfriend as yours or worrying about every random conversation of your boyfriend with a girl, love does not allow you to breathe easily. Over time, even small inconveniences in your love life seek to bring you down. Whether you don’t receive your favorite flowers on your birthday or forget the anniversary date, almost anything can mean doom for you.

No matter if it is the most trivial thing or some epic disaster in history, love will not allow you to be at peace. As their existence becomes a simple heavy and less charming job, they realize the style with which romances can ruin lives. But you still can’t run out of it because that will lead to another ‘gigantic tumult’. And no, we are not participating in the battle lexicon because we are fighting specialists. It is because of the strange resemblance that love has with the conflict it has in this series of thrown limbs.

Love is an unnecessary complication

You are single and carefree. You travel, live, eat and drink. And one day you suddenly fall in love. And things start to get messy.

Everything will be subtle at first. Until your euphoria overcomes you, you will not complain. But meet expectations and face reality and there will be love smiling with an evil laugh. You can’t drink because she can’t see the drink as more than a vice, she can’t travel even with friends because heck, you think there might be predators lurking.

Whatever you do, you are always obliged to do a little better for the sake of another person. Even your expectations soar unrealistically. If these are not complications that would not have arisen from a compromise, then life would have been simpler. But fed by the superficial idea of ​​romantic love as you are, what you crave is a little affection.

Friends about bae

There is no soul poorer than one who does not understand the value of friends and the joys they bring to life. Your friends had been your world all the time. You were single, but one step away from the beautiful world of love and you are a changed man. That’s not great, not for your friends, not for you and especially not for the person you once aspired to be.

Remembering your people only when you feel alone or stay in the depths of a dark existence, the anguish of courtesy is your worst way of being. You can’t claim these people as yours if you can’t be responsible enough for them. Friendship, or any other relationship, is not unidirectional. Your friends will care about you even when you don’t do the same because they are genuine people. But once they stop because they have finally reached a threshold, you cannot blame them for apathy.

It is doom that love has brought you and by losing some precious people, you cannot deny that the love you have become eloquent about is nothing more than a simple waste of time and more preciousness than you are enjoying. Friendship is better than love. Any day, and when you despise your friends for the love of your life, it is a disgrace that you have caused yourself.

If love is here, can distress be far away?

As much as a fantasy, love may seem, it is not defined forever by the positive side. Days and weeks and you can not prevent love from becoming fluid worldliness or worse, even catapulting disaster by falling in love with the wrong person. Perhaps it is the appeal of the tragedy that makes love even more tempting to enjoy. But, however romantic it may seem in fiction and fantasy, the true disasters of love are one of the darkest despairs to deal.

From an unpleasant break with zero possibilities of reconciliation with one that breaks you so much that you leave yourself wallowing all your life, there is nothing more uncomfortable than a love that went wrong. It is commendably possible to get stronger out of anguish, but you cannot deny the bitterness with which you seek to wrap yourself.

From investing moments and eternity to building a relationship and the many loving memories and having to close them suddenly is not the easiest thing to do. In the many efforts to which you submit, both in the affectionate memory and in bitter anguish. What else is love but a vengeful waste of time? And because it was this pride full of love that had allowed you to overcome your decades of true friendship, the anguishes become even more difficult and pathetic. From ruining lives to ending everything, love is a definitive cause of destruction.

Your finances are in ruins

Attracting the love of your life in the initial stage of a developing attraction is not a child’s play. From delivering the perfect compliments to whispering the sweetest, from elegant dates to luxury getaways, you do everything to make your feelings important. This is an irony since to establish your deep emotions. You must resort to something as volatile as money for everything to count.

True love does not impose such requirements. But perhaps it is the desire to appear worthy for your loved one or the pressure to give up your efforts that leads you to spend money like crazy. Over time, as the relationship remains and becomes more accustomed to the union, in fact, even fearing it instead of dreaming it, he realizes that his investments have not been worthwhile. As you grow through the bond and understand that the union resides in desire and does not come from despair, you begin to see love as nothing more than a waste of time.

It is a shame, considering that all your money earned with effort was distributed for reasons that are now inadequate enough to feed your soul. One thing is evident by losing oneself in the attractions of love. You have lost the greatest part of what he had gained in life.

Love is unreal enough to be more than a waste of time

Do you think love is the purest emotion you can experience? I am sorry to burst your bubble, but it is your naivety that makes you naively align with such notions. It does not mean that love does not exist, but it is more love and responsibility that guides even romantic relationships once the honeymoon period ends. To the extent that you surrender to something so unreal that floats as easily as it is established, love can never rise above being a waste of all resources, time and life.

If you waste your years of youth and your pound of thought or make investments that you realize are not as worthy as you perceive them, love is a farce. You can be in a bad mood and curse, shout and shout, but nothing will change the notion that, by tending to be so magical, love is always, or at least more frequently, too good to be true.

Now, we can say that love is a waste of time.


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