How to Style the Perfect Bangs? Follow the Steps


Bangs are that style of cut in which we cut a portion of the hair so that it falls on the forehead. Due to the popularity, it has gained, many people have created more than one way to wear it, of different lengths and in varied styles, as well as many hairstyles to wear it.

How to style the perfect bangs?

However, the bangs often cause discomfort on the face and sometimes it is difficult to comb. If you want to forget about the bangs for a moment, we tell you how to style the perfect bangs in very easy to do hairstyles. In this way, your face and forehead will be clear and you will achieve the style you are looking for.

Make a braid

If you want to pick up the bangs, but at the same time you want it to show, you can make a braid and put it on your side, this option will give a touch of freshness to your hairstyle. Once you’re done, you can hold it with a small hook so it doesn’t show too much.

This braid can be made in the style you want, such as French or waterfall style. Also, you can put it back. If you decide to put it on your side, use straight hair so that you can cover the finish of the braid by placing it behind the ear.

Double braid

In case you complicate yourself with a single braid, you can divide your bangs into two equal halves and make two braids that you will also join with other strands of hair. When you have finished making it, you can hold it with garters or bobby pins.

Many people are not comfortable with the appearance of the bangs after cutting it. In these cases, we recommend you read our article How long it takes for the bangs to grow where you will also find tricks to make them grow faster.

Root braid

In case you want to know how to style the long bangs, you can do it by doing a braid that goes from the roots to the ends, in this way, your hair will be completely collected. If you still need reinforcements, you can always count on small hooks.

High tail

By means of a ponytail, you can also collect the fringe, for this, it should be as high as possible so that the lock-in question cannot come out soon. It is important to note that in order to get this hairstyle, it is necessary for the bangs to belong so that they cannot fall out.

Another way to perform a similar hairstyle is to make a bubble tail, which consists of a ponytail that is held lengthwise with 3 or 4 more leagues until it ends with the entire tail.

Staggered tail

This hairstyle has certain similarities with the root braid since with it you must tie each strand of hair from the aforementioned root to the ends, starting with the bangs, which must be perfectly timed with a small garter, then it must be repeated the procedure until the end.

To achieve this hairstyle, it is best if you have the bangs a bit long, but you can comb it back and hold it with bobby pins to keep it in place.

Comb it and hold it behind your ear

If you want to remove bangs from your face, this is a good option. To do this, you must comb all the hair back and hold it with a small headband or hook. This is how you can remove those annoying hair from your forehead.

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