How to Overcome Severe Interview Anxiety? 4 Incredible Tips


It is inevitable that when we face a job interview. In that time, we suffer severe interview anxiety. If we fail to control, it can affect the success of our presentation. What can we do to manage that stress?

How to overcome severe interview anxiety

First of all, being nervous is normal. If you have been looking for a job for a while and have found that job, it is done for you. One day you receive a call, and they tell you that they are interested in you and what they want to have a personal interview. Does the adrenaline go off? It happens to 90% of people looking for work, what you avoid that when you have the meeting is that nervousness does not affect your way of presenting yourself.

Usually, the interview is not immediate, and a few days or even weeks go by until the appointment. What can you do during that time?

1.- Being prepared will help you be calmer.

Information and power, but you should avoid going crazy, or it will increase your anxiety. Find only the information you think may be useful, we suggest:

Prepare general information about the company and the job. What produces, what they sell, where they are, their history, what they need you for, what your possible tasks are, etc.

Know yourself. Your weaknesses will allow you to answer many of the questions they may ask you. If you have not done so, make your own personal SWOT.

Practice the possible questions they can ask you. These interview simulators that you may find useful.

2.- The attitude is what counts.

Don’t treat the interview as an exam, she thinks in a conversation where the interviewer wants to meet you and where you want to meet them. Being honest and honest with yourself and with the company will take away a lot of stress. Do not think about being rejected that can happen, but you must keep in mind that the company is interested in you, so you have something of great value to them. Try to see the interview as an opportunity and as an experience more than you will learn. Be proud to be interviewed.

3.- Exercise on a daily basis

Exercise and routines help us a lot to combat situations of anxiety or stress. With practice, the body releases endorphins that make us feel better, calmer, and calmer. On the other hand, having routines in your day to day will help you manage your time and perform various tasks in their “just measure.” This way, you will avoid having leisure or obsession situations that will increase your anxiety, and you will feel busy.

4.- Breathe deeply.

One of the best relaxation techniques is through breathing. If you feel anxious or nervous during the interview, focus on breathing deeply and slowly, inhale through your nose and expel the air through your mouth. This will help you. In the interview, try to reduce your natural acceleration by talking slowly, even with pauses and especially listening. In the interview, focus on what they are telling you and take a few seconds before launching to respond.

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