Take a few minutes to read this article. We will explain in a simple way what is nitric oxide what function it fulfills in the organism and how it can be consumed correctly. During the last months the consultations on the nitric oxide and the arginine have grown , in particular between the athletes, not only professionals, but also those that realize sports by mere passion. There is also much controversy regarding other uses that are given to nitric oxide. That is why it is important that you are correctly informed.

What is the nitric oxide and what is its function

The nitric oxide is a vasodilator whose function is , as its name implies, dilating muscle cells. In this way it achieves that the muscles receive greater amount of nutrients while the physical training is carried out, also achieving greater vitality and a faster recovery. Continue reading: How to get rid of a tan line?

However, despite the fact that nitric oxide is one of the most widely used supplements at present, because it is considered to be of great help in achieving good musculature, it produces side effects in the body that must be taken into account in order to avoid health problems. .

“Nitric oxide is a vasodilator whose function is to dilate muscle cells and thus get the muscles to receive more nutrients”

The effectiveness and advantages of the use of this type of supplement is much discussed by experts. Although most of those who consume it (such as those who consume nitric oxide in martial arts, for example) say that the result of their training improves noticeably.

Hence, it is best to have enough information about the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

Side effects of nitric oxide

Hypotension. Especially in individuals who naturally have low blood pressure and with the use of this substance can see even lower blood pressure caused by the vasodilation that occurs when ingesting it.

Increase in free radicals. It is synonymous with an acceleration of the aging process, generating in some people nausea, headache and fatigue due to the accelerated rhythm of the heart rate.

Digestive problems, because when eating food, the blood is focused in the stomach. To avoid this last assumption it is necessary not to eat food two hours before taking nitric oxide .
Most of the nitric oxide supplements that exist today in the market contain an amino acid called L-arginine , which can also produce unwanted side effects such as:

  • Stomach upset and nausea.
  • Increase in urea and potassium.

5 Tips for the correct consumption of nitric oxide

Despite the advantages that can represent for those who seek to achieve good musculature, it is important to take certain precautions to consume nitric oxide and not suffer (or decrease as much as possible) the side effects caused by this substance.

Do not take nitric oxide for prolonged periods of time, but take it a couple of months and rest a similar period to avoid high vasodilation for a long time. Only use it when performing a regular physical training. Consult the doctor before starting to consume this substance, especially those people who suffer from a chronic illness.

Consume only the dose of arginine found in the package information, which must be respected to avoid side effects. If the recommended is consumed, the problems are minimized.
If you have chest pain, consult your doctor immediately, as it may be a sign of cardiovascular disease due to a rapid heartbeat.

In the face of nitric oxide side effects, it is necessary to suspend the use and make a medical consultation. This consultation will also serve to find another supplement that adapts to the needs of each person without causing discomfort. Share the side effects of nitric oxide on social media. You may also read: http://ledmain.com/2018/04/14/first-ultrasound-better-12-weeks/

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