Calamari sandwich, the popular recipe of the world


One of the most requested sandwiches in bars is undoubtedly the calamari and today we want to give you the calamari sandwich recipe to make it perfect when you do it at home. We are going to prepare a good calamari sandwich, the recipe for the popular sandwich from Madrid.  Also renowned all over the world. So that, the squids are tender, with a light and crunchy batter and, of course, well attached to the rings.

Although you could make the squid sandwich using rings that are already cut or frozen, I recommend you buy a very fresh squid and try this recipe. The difference in tenderness and flavor will be impressive. Bear in mind that many times what they sell us as squids are not rings of squid but choco or pota. Keep reading: Lose weight in a week? We tell you how to get it

Ingredients for calamari sandwich recipe

For 2 persons

  • Fresh squid small: 1
  • Chickpea flour: 50 g
  • Wheat flour: 50 g
  • Salt
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Baguette bread or a bread roll for the sandwich

How to make a calamari sandwich

Difficulty: Medium

Total time: 15 m

Production: 5 m

Cooking: 10 m

We start by cleaning the squid and separating the fins and tentacles. We cut the body into rings with a sharp knife. These rings, and if you also want the tentacles, are perfect for our Calamari sandwich. The fins are somewhat harder so we will use them for stews like chickpeas with squid, one of my favorites.

We mix the wheat flour and the chickpea flour – if you want, you can use the special flours that they sell in the supermarkets – and we use the squid to flour them. It is important as we told you when discussing the techniques to improve fish fry, remove excess flour, shaking the squid on a sieve, as you can see in the images.

While we have done this operation, we will have been heating the olive oil. It is important that it is at a very high temperature, between 180 and 190 degrees C. So that, the batter is crunchy, not oily and does not detach from the squid rings.

Once the squids are browned, drain them on absorbent paper and place them on the bread. So that, it is well filled. Normally a squid of medium size, you can get enough to make two calamari sandwiches.

With what to accompany a calamari sandwich

The best accompaniment to the calamari sandwich is a cold beer as tradition dictates. Optionally, some people enjoy the calamari sandwich adding a bit of mayonnaise. For me it is unnecessary, but it is a matter of taste. You might also read:


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