The Busy Person’s Guide to Meditation Styles


A daily meditation practice can improve not just mental health but physical health as well. However, getting started with meditation can be a bit confusing. There are many types and styles of meditation to choose from. Each person responds differently to meditation, so it’s impossible to say which one will work best for you. Here’s a quick guide to common meditation types. Try a few out to see which one works best for you.

Focused Attention

Usually one of the first types of meditation individuals are exposed to, focused attention directs your conscious mind to the breath. It uses the act of breathing to focus the mind on the present moment. A focused attention meditation session can be as short as one minute, making it an easy way to include meditation in your daily life.


This practice invites you to picture something in your mind and focus on the image. It can feel challenging at first. This focuses the mind but also expands to focus on physical sensations. If you advance in this practice, you may use meditation chakra stones to enhance the session.

Body Scan

This type of meditation tries to sync the mind and body. You will visualize every inch of your body, focusing attention on areas of tension or discomfort. Often, the breath will be directed towards these areas to ease any pain that exists.


If your mind is continually racing with thoughts, this meditation technique may help to calm it. During the practice, you will note any feelings or thoughts that arise. Then you will work to create space around those thoughts so that you can let them go from your mind.

If you have failed to maintain a daily meditation practice before, it’s possible you weren’t practicing the right type of meditation for you. Try a few different types to find the practice that’s best for you.

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