Why Your Family Should Adopt a German Shepherd


If you’re considering bringing a dog into your family, one of the most popular breeds is the German Shepherd. Many people regard German Shepherds as fierce police dogs and don’t realize that they also make wonderful family pets. Here are several reasons your family should adopt a German Shepherd.

Your Children Will Be Protected

Your job as a parent is to keep your children safe. A German Shepherd’s job is keeping the entire family safe. When you adopt a top-quality puppy from show line German Shepherd breeders, you’ll have a loving protector that will never let harm come to you or your children.

You’ll Enjoy Training Them

Most dogs take months to train, but German Shepherds understand commands in as little as five tries or less. They’re the third smartest breed in the world and an absolute joy to train. They’re also one of the easiest puppies to house train. German Shepherds are happiest when they have a job to do and love learning tricks.

They’re Extremely Loyal

Loyalty is very important to a German Shepherd as he would give his life to protect you. When they’re brought up in a loving home, German Shepherds will be eager to please you. They’ll always want to be by your side and are constantly on duty keeping your home safe.

They Integrate Well Into Family Life

When you adopt a German Shepherd as a puppy, they’ll integrate seamlessly into family life. They’re very adaptable to small children and other household pets, even cats. Since German Shepherds are such a high-energy dog, they connect well with kids that always want to play.

If you’ve decided to commit to adopting a family dog, you’ll never be disappointed with a German Shepherd. They’ll fit in well with your family, are easy to train and your children will have a loving protector.

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