Problems often start gradually and become more apparent over time, and you might instinctively ignore them if you’re the one suffering from poor mental health or physical pain. People tend to dismiss issues out of fear and uncertainty, but these reactions could heighten the issues. By making a plan for self-care, you can reduce a lot of your mental arguments and improve your wellbeing.

Where Does it Hurt?

If you’re busy and move from activity to activity, you might know something is “off” with you without understanding the issue. Trust your instincts. A single day spent in bed crying after someone you care about dies has a clear cause. Daily lethargy and feelings of hopelessness could indicate something else. Are a sore back or a lingering limp interfering with your daily life? If any pain, mental or physical, is cutting into your daily routine, seek help. Find a place that specializes in pain management Jacksonville FL or cognitive behavioral therapy.


Outside of scheduled appointments, how can you become more in tune with your needs? Check-in with both your mental wellbeing and how you feel physically. Keep a journal of thoughts, physical feelings, and experiences. Make a list of things that make you feel better. If a particular song calms you down, listen to it. When you feel stiff and don’t feel like walking, try to find a route with scenery you enjoy. Set up the things you can control in ways that encourage you to take positive actions for your health. Remember, too, to tell others what you need. Unless you speak out about your worries and struggles, even your closest friends might not realize that you could use a ride to the doctor or a private conversation.

Do things that nourish you. When you’re feeling well, you’ll notice more things to enjoy.

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