Some people may look at a church, never wanting to step foot in it. Others will go multiple times a week and find it to be a type of refuge. If you have never been to a church before, it can be intimidating. Many churches are friendly and offer help to the community though. Here are a few things you can expect to find at a church when visiting.

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Many churches will sing during worship time, so finding a hymnal in the pews will be expected. The preacher will most likely be using the scriptures as he is giving his message. He may also use Bible class material to help him gain information as he preaches. Depending on the church’s outreach, you may find booklets and tracts that they hand out to visitors.


No matter the size, you will find some type of seating within the church. Some will use chairs, while others have pews. Up front, you will most likely see the platform with some sort of pulpit. Many pastors will stand behind it when giving their messages. The size of the building is important as the church grows. Many things are done within the building that can’t be done outside.


The church choir can be one of the most beautiful musical groups you will ever hear. Having the voices blend with whatever instruments being played is a great way to worship God. The piano and organ are two of the most popular things played within the church. Larger churches may have an orchestra that can help their music program greatly.


Hopefully, the reason you go to church is to worship. So, when you go, you want to feel God there. No matter where you attend, you should feel His presence. There would be no point to go to church if it wasn’t to meet with Him.

Each church you go to, you will find similarities and differences. Prayerfully though, you will find one that fits your needs and makes you feel comfortable attending.


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