Make These Worthwhile Additions to Your Office Break Room


Break rooms help employees by giving them a safe space where they can rest and recharge to take on the rest of their workday. While a separate space from the rest of the office already provides these benefits, there are additions that can improve the experience and even increase advantages to the overall workplace.

Vending Machines

Most of your employees will always need food or drink at some point throughout the day, whether it is a quick lunch solution or a small snack. Keep your staff fed and avoid time-consuming trips outside the building by installing food vendors pittsburgh pa in the break room. These machines offer people a variety of food and snack choices. You can even ensure they are stocked with healthy options such as fruits, vegetables and protein bars.

Quiet Areas

Some workers find it easier to relax in a quiet area by themselves, which can be difficult in a place where people meet up and socialize. If you have extra space in the room, you can create smaller isolated areas or one larger place for employees to practice mediation and mindfulness before returning to work. You can add several items that promote silent recreation, such as books and magazines, reclining furniture and calming scents.

Games and Activities

Other employees prefer to socialize and even play games during their break. Consider placing a variety of games to keep your crew entertained during their time there.

  • Board games and puzzles
  • Foosball table
  • Ping pong table
  • Video game console

Games and activities such as these not only keep people engaged, but they can also boost camaraderie and collaboration among members. Just make sure these games are not a major distraction to the specific workplace.

While the office break room gives your workers a place to unwind and eat, there are measures you can take to enhance the quality of their break. These additions give your employees more break options and overall benefit their moral and health.


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