Social media can make you feel like everyone is living their best life, all happy, which can trigger you and make you feel miserable. However, the problem is that social media doesn’t tell the full story. Everyone has a story and their struggles which you will never get to know. When you compare yourself to others, you are being unfair to yourself and only making yourself feel miserable. Here are ways you can be happy on your terms.

Stay Out of People’s Business

It is human nature to want to feel loved and accepted by those around us. That is why people constantly chase the illusion of happiness, thinking it is in the next phase of their lives. However, you will never be content if you keep telling yourself that people will only accept you when you look a certain way or live a particular lifestyle. To be free, live your life on your own terms and allow others to do the same. You have no reason to be involved with other people’s lives.

Romanticize Your Life

Romanticizing your life is all about appreciating what you have and prioritizing yourself. That means telling yourself you do not need the latest car or iPhone to be happy. That also means taking yourself out even when your friends or partner cancels at the last minute. Visit that restaurant you have wanted to, get those broad spectrum CBC soft gels for relaxation, plan that solo weekend trip. Enjoy the life you can.

Avoid Toxic People

If you surround yourself with toxic people, you will always feel sad and frustrated. Toxic people are constantly pointing out your faults to bring you down. These are not your friends, and you need to cut them off.

Being happy on your term is all about doing the best you can and letting things be. It also includes surrounding yourself with only people who care about you and not comparing yourself with others.

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