How to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it


The golden question: How to know if a girl likes you? You must pay a lot of attention. Girls are much more complex than boys, so interpreting their body language is essential to achieve it.

Relationships in the 21st century have changed a lot concerning the generation of our parents, love is now conceived differently, and it is often common to see men jumping from flower to flower, getting a very different response to the traditional couples. Keep reading: How to Forget Your Ex who cheated you

How to know if a girl likes you?

Is this good or bad? It depends on you and what you expect from life. In this post, I will give you the information so you can make sense of your signals, and you can act according to your convictions. It does not matter if you are a married woman, shy, is only your friend, or has a boyfriend.

Before the bewildering world of women, in which we continuously ask ourselves whether we like it or not, being able to discover if a woman wants it, is a real challenge. Many times we do not risk taking the next step for fear of rejection. But here I will show you how you can be entirely sure. So, do not give a single false step. Everything has a psychological foundation, so let’s see:

1. Physical friction

If you continuously provoke some physical contact with you, it is an excellent signal. Likewise, it is a good sign if you want to fit your shirt or tie if you’re going to hug you for any reason. They are obvious signs.

But if she does not like you, she will avoid all contact with you, and this happens because the girls are cautious not to send false signals, they are brilliant. So, do not be deceived if you always avoid contact with them. In this case, getting to attract it will require other types of techniques.

2. Jokes

Good sense of humor is a previous step very close to falling in love. If you are at your side changes your mood, it is positive. It is a clear signal that you enjoy your company very much, and that you are attracted to it.

Besides this, if your laughter is a little nervous or always laughs at anything you say, it’s a good clue. Enjoy by your side, and it feels perfect. That good humor, and that constant laughter when it is next to you. You must observe if it does it with the whole world. If you see that with you is different, I congratulate your champion!

3. You see it everywhere

If you are going to take the bus and you find it, or if you go to the center and you also find it, or wherever you are, it is a clear sign that you have the desire to meet you. It may also be a coincidence, but personally, I believe that nothing is a chance in life, instead, it is “causality.”

The indicator that you like is very high. The fact that you usually meet her in places that she knows you frequent is an excellent indicator.

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4. Visual contact

Women often do something challenging, and that is to establish visible connections by sweeping the person from top to bottom, it is common, and it is their way of non-verbal communication. But if he does the opposite with you, and keeps the look in your eyes for longer than usual, you can be 99% sure that he has been interested in you.

Staring into the eyes is a strategy of seduction that they have to send direct signals. But it can be a little uncomfortable if that contact lasts for a long time.

5. The messages

This is the signal that will never fail. For quite some time, the words were for SMS. Now, WhatsApp has taken over our lives and gives us specific tools to interpret. If you send a message and respond immediately, it is good, and if you do it very expressively, using emoticons, in a very expressive way, it is excellent. You may be looking for more than a friendship with you. So put the batteries!

6. Pay attention to your feet

The way she moves her feet indicates her nerves. If when she is sitting, or standing, and keeps her feet still, she means that she is not looking for anything, and being with you is another moment, irrelevant in her life. But if she starts moving her feet restlessly, from one side to the other, and is with us. It means that she does not feel distant and that we also make her nervous.

As I told you before, women know their weapons of seduction well, and they know how to expose themselves to taste. If you cross your legs in front of you, it’s another way of showing that you care.

7. The position of the face

Even if it seems irrelevant to you, it is not! The way he places his face when he is with you says a lot. So check if you place your face towards you, or the other way. I think the interpretation is clear, right? Logically, there should also be different types of signals to be sure.

8. Rain of questions

It will not ask you just one problem. It will ask you questions if it is interested in you and one after another. Well, I’m exaggerating a bit, but the fact that I ask you several questions in a row shows interest. You will be subjected to your psychological test of love to verify how compatible you are with it, so you will need to collect as much data as possible.

It will be like talking to a 5-year-old child, constantly receiving questions to verify if you are your better half or not. You will realize when it happens.

9. Communication

Continuing in the same line of the previous point, if she communicates with you in a fluid, fast way, she means that she is very comfortable with you, and she is not getting bored in the conversation. But if you answer with monosyllables: yes, no, maybe. Unfortunately, it happens to you.

10. Signs

Before we talked about an unmistakable signal that you like, we talk about the movement of the feet and the crossing of the legs, but there are other vital movements that also go in the same line, such as touching the hair either through rapid changes, or through gentle movements twisting the hair between your fingers. And the reddening of her cheeks is a clear sign that you are crazy about her.


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