How to forget the past and move on with your life


Many times we martyr ourselves thinking about what happened in the past or what could have happened, without realizing that this does not allow us to move forward in our present life. How to forget the past forever? Changing this attitude requires a lot of time and effort, but it is definitely worth a try.

There is something that we must have clear above all and is that the past can not be forgotten, especially if we have suffered something traumatic events (economic ruin, love betrayal, etc.). But we can learn to live with it, to put aside our frustrations and look for our present and future.

And that is really what really should count for us. As they say, what happened, the past is, and we can not change it. We are no longer punished by thinking about what could have been, but we must learn from the mistakes made and strive not to fall back into them.

How to forget the past?

We can not prevent certain experiences from hitting our minds from time to time. What we must do is change our perspective on them. If until now they have made us feel bad, we have to work so that these memories gain some positivity.

One way to do this is to consider these experiences as necessary teachings, which will make life easier for us from now on. Thanks to that we fall, we learn to get up. We must have this lesson always present, so as not to forget that bad experiences have their kind side.

One of the feelings that bind us most strongly to the past is guilt and resentment. For this reason, it is essential to learn to forgive both to others and to ourselves.

Nor should we take this theory to the extreme. That is to say, when we speak of forgiving, we do not talk about recovering impossible relationships or forgiving great offenses. Rather, it is to stop living immersed in this rancor to focus on more beneficial things.

Forget the past forever

The same happens when we feel that grudge towards ourselves. Not being able to overcome them shows worrisome insecurity in our personality, a problem that we must attack starting from the following premise: everyone makes mistakes. We can not remain angry with ourselves all our lives, for if we do not forgive ourselves, who will?

Many times, past traumas are due to humiliations and abuse by others. In extreme cases, it is best to go to a professional so that he can get rid of this heavy burden. But what will really help us in this regard is our will.

Keep in mind that since you lived all those humiliations has been a long time, that neither you are the same nor are those who insulted you. Surely they do not even remember the grievances, while you continue to martyr yourself for their actions.

Another fundamental point is the attitude of the surrounding people. Some of these people may be harmful, critical, and continually remind us of our blunders. The best thing is to get away from them as much as possible. If this is impossible for us, by sharing the workplace or home with them, we must learn to ignore their comments.

Love failures, broken friendships, family conflicts, frustrating businesses … there are many reasons that may have made a dent in our lives. But now the time has come to look with optimism towards the present and the future. It is the only way to advance our personal development.

The road traveled no longer matters, but what remains to be traveled. It’s time to focus on starting a new life, focusing on working to improve our day to day. We should not miss the opportunities that life offers us, but live the moment as intensely as possible and open ourselves to new experiences.


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