How to Forget Your Ex who cheated you


I know that it is difficult and super comfortable to be writing from a calm posture without having broken the heart. But we are going to be practical, if what you really want is to forget your ex, then I am going to give you some tricks on How to Forget Your Ex. Because if I tell you how sorry I am and sorry, it is more likely that you sink more and what we want to achieve is the opposite effect, is not it?

Well, then aim and take it to the letter, I do not promise to work from the minute zero, but surely if you do not do it will be much faster than if you do nothing and you isolate yourself from the world and you throw yourself to mourn in your bed.

Forbidden to stay with friends you have in common with your ex. And if this means that you will have to make new friends or go out alone, do it! Nothing to listen to nostalgic songs or the favorite subject of both or the music they listen to each time they were together. Keep reading: How does social comparison theory effect us?

Not frequent the places you went together or where you know you can find it. If you can, move, change the neighborhood and even city, there is nothing like starting over, allow it in all aspects that you can.

Feel and think that before your former partner appeared in your life, you had your own life and you did not need him at all, then why would you do it now? Understand that it is over and that although suddenly there was the possibility that they could return, nothing will be the same. The glass broke, and it is not good to stick the pieces.

8 Tips on How to Forget Your Ex

End a love relationship is always going to be difficult, there are people who overcome it before, but others who can carry this burden up to 2 years.

And it is not life to suffer so much time. The fact that the process of forgetting is fast or not depends entirely on you.

You just have to have the necessary tools to achieve it, these are some of the tactics that we will see below:

  • Accepting things.
  • Leaving aside repentance and anger.
  • Bringing out what you like.
  • Discarding bad memories.
  • Cut communication.
  • Talk to others.
  • Going out with other people.
  • Start a new life.

Let’s see what each of them consists of:

1. Acceptance

There is no better way to start this process by accepting reality. It is very likely that you do not like that reality, but the relationship has ended (for whatever reasons). Even though it was the love of your life, you can not change what happened.

You must avoid obsessing with your former partner, because “obsession” is not an attractive quality, and that way you will not get it back, nor will it be good for your mental health.

The sooner you manage to accept it, the sooner you will be able to get ahead if you have that feeling of dependency. If you have been with your partner for a long time, it will probably cost you a little bit more to accept it, but it is totally normal.

2. Evading the memories

You should not let the memories get depressed. Your life can not revolve around pain. It will not only affect your emotional well-being (even physical) but also the surrounding people who love you.

We could all have done better things in the relationship, but what was done there remained, and it is impossible to change it.

So do not obsess over what you could have done better, it is important that you have noticed, at least it will help you to grow personally and not make those mistakes again in the future.

If you are constantly thinking about your husband, husband, or girlfriend, you must clear your mind doing some activity that you like, whatever it is: watch a movie, series, play sports, go out with friends, etc.

As long as your brain takes fewer resources thinking about that person, the more you will get used to avoiding their memories. The habit is very powerful!

3. What you did not like about your ex

Nobody is perfect, so you will surely remember negative things or details that you did not like about your ex. Make a list of all those negative things. But do it! it really helps a lot, I do not want this to simply remain in a “reading”.

The list should include everything your ex did and what hurt you, what bothered you. What is this? Well, it serves to make a “psychological play” to your brain.

Somehow you have that person on a pedestal, and that’s what does not allow you to turn the page. With the list you will bring the negative to the surface, diluting that image that does not allow you to get ahead.

In this way, each time you feel that intense pain, pull out the list, and read it out loud. And he thinks that he was not the best person for you either. There is always someone better, and I assure you that you will find her.

4. Avoiding objects that bring back memories

It is very likely that you still have objects that remind you of your ex-love, be it photos, gifts, or any other detail. You must collect all these objects, and save them.

If they are photos that you have on the computer, create a folder with your photos, and hide it among other folders, as hidden as possible.

If they are objects, save them somewhere you do not always access. It is very important to avoid everything that brings back memories.

When I was in your situation, this was one of the things that helped me better my ex. The more you find yourself surrounded by your things, the harder it is to keep going.

Also, do not go to the extreme of throwing things away, anger, and negative energy will not help you in the least.

I assure you that in the future you will see it differently, and you will regret it if you do. When you get over it, and you can see those objects without pain or guilt, then you will have the coldness to assess if you should throw those objects away.

5. Avoid communication

According to several studies aimed at how to forget your ex, men and women usually have different difficulties in this process. Men have a harder time getting over their ex, so if you are a man pay special attention to this point. While you are in a state of pain and guilt, you should avoid all communication with your ex-partner.

Being written or called will not help you get it out of your mind. If necessary, delete your number. Being in contact with that person will only make things worse, negative issues will arise, and under negative situations, you will not get any advance.

Remember that only positive people can attract positive experiences to their lives. And if you are in constant communication with him or her, negative issues will come out, it is inevitable. So avoid those “rubs.”

If you want to be friends, you must value it when the pain has passed, while you keep clinging to a memory you can not objectively assess whether it is worth being friends or not.

6. Talk to other people

Something that helped me a lot in this stage, was talking to my friends. You can also do it with family members you trust.

Do it in a neutral, go out to eat, to a bar, wherever you feel comfortable. Do not suppress your emotions, crying is good, so do it if you feel the need.

Never keep things, tell someone else what happens to you helps a lot. And above all, set a time limit.

That is, stable a date in which, if or if, you will decide to feel better. It can be 3 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, whatever you think is convenient. And force yourself to carry out these tips.

7. Contact with new people

Maybe you’re thinking: what do I do if I still love him ?, or if I see him every day ?. In my case, forgetting the love of my life was not easy, more than anything because we share 2 children, and we work nearby.

At lunchtime, we always agreed (and we still agree). Even at parent meetings at school we agreed.

And I understand that it is complicated. Whether you are in this situation, or if it is difficult for you to overcome it for any other reason, it is important to go out and have appointments, even when you do not feel prepared.

I do not mean just having dates, but also to socialize, get to know friends of your friends, it will help you keep your mind away, and focus on new experiences.

You may even feel lonely, and this therapy is excellent. You will see how your mood improves, and the way out of depression will be easier.

8. New life, new experiences

Following the steps above will be easier than you think to forget an ex love forever. But, as I told you, you must force yourself to carry them out. The results are seen in practice, not in theory ?

As you feel better, you will see how you feel more encouraged to face your life in a much more positive way, your social and professional life will also notice an improvement.

And above all, do not close yourself to new relationships, if you know a person with whom you “click”, do not be afraid, your past experience will help you start this new stage with the right foot.


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